2018 Donations

It’s time to dig deep into your pockets and make the 2018 National Specialty a success.

We cant do it without your help. Donations can be made by using PayPal buttons below – but you will have to make each donation separately (PayPal rules – no add to cart for Donations)

If you prefer to send a check – print off the form here

NBC Trophy Fund
NBC Hospitality Fund

NBC Performance Fund

CWBC Trophy Fund

CWBC Hospitality Fund

CWBC Performance Fund


We are still offering a special gift to donations to the General Trophy Fund by rewarding them with a special “Thank You” gift to anyone who contributes at least $75.
The gift is an 8GB USB Flash Drive which has 2 pictures on it

Thanks to Madlyn Schneider for granting us permission to use her photo of Uno, taken at Aldie in 2017.

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