2019 Agility Banquet @ the BackYard Brewery

This year we will be having our Agility Banquet on Saturday evening October 12th, at the Backyard Brewery 1211 So. Mammoth Road Manchester NH. (time to be announced). It is located .8 miles from the All Dog Inn & Gym.

We will have a private room upstairs.

The banquet will include:

Soup Du Jour
Chicken Marsala
Roast Round Top of Beef Au Jus
Baked Vegetable Lasagna
Chef’s selection of Potato & Vegetable
Included are fresh Warm Breads, Coffee

There are 2+ Bars downstairs available for cocktails! (Not included in the buffet)

The cost is $38 per person which includes tax + gratuity

I need at least 25 who are expected to go to keep this private room and the buffet.

Please e-mail me at beagle898@me.com or pm me with your name and how many are coming. I need a reservation number  by Wednesday sept 18th!

Remember we will be handing out the Performance Parade ribbons to those who are not coming to Boxborough!

Can’t wait! Lucy