Show Chair: Deb Krier
Assistant Show Chair: Floss Billger
Show Secretary: Floss Billger
Show Treasurer: Jessica Parker
Superintendent: MB-F
Trophies: Nita Bitner
Ribbons/Rosettes: Leah Santini
Hospitality/Meals: Barb Sherer
Goody Bags: Julie Lux
Performance Events Coordinator: Kim Kesselring
Obedience/Rally Chair: Ellen Heaton
Agility Chair: Jennifer Light
Tracking Chair: Kim Kesselring
Catalog Advertising: Brett Sprout
Grounds: Nick Peaker, Ted Swedalla, Tom Krier
Website: Lesley Hiltz & Kathleen Weaver
Logo: Leah Bertagnolli
International Guests: Lesley Hiltz
Ring Stewards: Tom Krier & Eddie Dziuk
Emergency Coordinator: Jennifer Gonzalez
Parking: Terri Giannetti and Anthony Saunders
RV Coordination: Terri Giannetti and Anthony Saunders
Show Photographer: Catherine F Wilcox, Wilcox Photography
Official Ringside Photographer: Kayla Bertagnolli
Hotel Coordinator: Gretchen Milke
Institute Farm Accommodations: Sharon Clark
State Baskets: Sarah Houle
Auction: TBD
AKC Coordinator: Floss Billger
Event secretary for Obedience/Rally: Kathy Roberts