Breeders Education Seminar

Thursday, October 4

Canine Genetic Testing, Breed Management, and Discovery in the Age of Personalized Genomics

This seminar will discuss canine genomics and canine genomics research in the context of dog breeders and fanciers. In addition to identifying whether or not your dog is heterozygous or homozygous for alleles that drive coat color and body size, genetic testing can also identify genetic risk factors for MLS, Imerslund-Grasbeck Syndrome, degenerative myelopathy, and other Beagle-relevant diseases. Understanding how to use this knowledge is important to the breeder for their individual programs and to the breed as a whole if we are to maintain breed vitality and diversity.

 Presenter Erin Chu, DVM, PhD, is a Senior Veterinary Geneticist at Embark Veterinary. Having received her DVM and her PhD from Cornell University, Erin is thrilled to be living in Seattle, WA, where she manages Embark’s molecular biology lab. She is heavily involved in product design and development, and helps to shape research studies and collaborations with breed clubs and rescue organizations. Erin is particularly interested in scientific and medical outreach and communication, especially as it applies to web-based data collection and citizen science, and owes much of her daily motivation and success to her Labrador-Shepherd mix, Shiloh.

Embark has made a generous contribution to significantly subsidize the cost of the light supper that will be offered at this seminar. For more information and to purchase the light supper, see for all food purchases is September 15. People do not have to purchase the light supper to attend the seminar.