The 2019 Specialty will be held in Boxborough, Massachusetts at The Boxboro Regency the former Holiday Inn. It is a great venue for a specialty with ample space to show and celebrate.

Show Chair: Diana Lipari

     Breed: Mrs. Leanne Duval
     Sweepstakes: Mr. Bill Guappone
     Agility: Pamela Sturtz
    Obedience and Rally: Elizabeth “Tibby” Chase

Story behind the logo:

Our Red and White Beagle is standing on the “Old North Bridge,” site of the birth of the American Revolution.  The historic Bridge spans the Concord River, just twenty minutes drive from the Boxborough Regency Hotel in Boxborough, Massachusetts, home of our 50thAnnual National Beagle Club Specialty.

It was on this Bridge in nearby Concord, Massachusetts, on the 19thof April, 1775, that the American Colonists were ordered to“Fire, fellow soldiers, for God’s sake Fire!” With twelve British Regulars wounded and three fatalities, the Redcoats retreated back to Boston from whence they came.

In the background of our logo is the present-day monument, dedicated in 1836, to the memory of that occasion and the two local Minutemen who died in the skirmish.  The plaque on the monument, reads, in part, “…on this spot the first of the Enemy fell in the War of that Revolution which gave independence to these United States.”