Top 20

This year, we will be recognizing the fabulous dogs who finished in the Top 20, both varieties. The criteria is finishing in the Top 20 according to the AKC Breed Totals, January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016. Each participant will receive a fabulous rosette, an ad in a special section in the National Show Catalog, and one show catalog. NOTE: There will NOT be a physical event at Aldie. The rosettes will be given out at the Awards Dinner on Tuesday.



Please contact Leah Santini if you have any questions. Ad information will be emailed to the participants.

Pricing, per dog, is:

Initial entry: $50, includes one B&W catalog ad, rosette, show catalog

Initial entry, if you cannot attend Aldie: $65 shipped to your home, includes one B&W catalog ad, rosette, show catalog (shipped separately)
Additional rosette: $40 each, if picked up at the show, includes another catalog
Additional rosette: $65 shipped to your home and includes a catalog (shipped separately)

We’ll need to know the dog’s FULL name, with titles, shipping address (if needed), and all the owners names.

download the PDF file Top 20 Ad Layout, with desired layout.